Monday, August 29, 2011

Rumblings and Musings . . .

I've recently roused my dormant interest in how apocalyptic eschatology informed early Christian praxis. Nathan Kerr's Christ, History, and Apocalyptic pushed a seed deep into my heart and mind, and I've been watching closely as I wait for its long-coming germination.

I've been reading up on peri-NT apocalyptic literature, with the help of H. H. Rowley's The Relevance of Apocalyptic, John J. Collins' The Apocalyptic Imagination, and a dusty volume I discovered on my shelf by D. S. Russell, Apocalyptic: Ancient and Modern. The more I read, the more I find that reverberations of the eschatology of apocalyptic literature sounding in NT texts. Doug Harink's Brazos Theological Commentary on 1 & 2 Peter samples this sort of sound.

Like Nathan Kerr and Halden Doerge (see his incredible posts on apocalyptic and the praxis of church in response to Kerr's book), I suspect that the apocalyptic eschatological matrix--and I mean eschatology in a big, broad sense, not just End Times speculation--both of the NT and of Jesus shapes the way in which Jesus' followers practice church today.

I need some space to work out what I'm reading, so forgive me occasional posts of fragmented thoughts over the coming months. If you have suggestions for my reading and reflection, please share your thoughts! Peace and thanks.

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