Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 19 - Resignation Announcement

When I came to First Presbyterian Church of DuPage last September, I came pursuing God’s calling on my life to start Christian communities focused on discipleship, communities that focus on helping people follow Jesus with more and more of their lives. The new young adult ministry and the Five O’Clock Service that the church was planning to start offered a great place to grow the kind of community where personal relationships and whole-life discipleship would be the point.

We started this exciting project last December, and things have been going fairly well since then. But in early March, the rest of the church leadership began to think that we should change the focus of the Five O’Clock Service and the Young Adult Ministry here at the church. They appreciated what we’ve been doing so far--the focus on discipleship and community--but they felt that what the church really needs is something more of an outreach event.
So after a lot of prayer, conversations with wise, spiritual friends, and long discussions with the rest of the church leadership, I’ve decided to step out of the way so that the church leadership can lead the church where it needs to go.

This hasn’t been an easy decision for me or for Cindy. This church has become a home for us, and you have been a loving and welcoming family. But Cindy and I also feel that God wants us to start communities centered on discipleship, on learning to follow Jesus.
Next Sunday, the 26th, will by me last Sunday. If you have any questions or want to talk with me and Cindy, please pull us aside after church or send us an email. These transitions aren’t any fun, they’re rarely easy, but when we follow where Jesus leads, we become the church that God calls us to be.
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