Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Your Worlds Collide . . .

Tall Skinny Kiwi pointed me to this community in Skopje. Longtime readers know that I spent some time in Skopje. Seven very good months with very good people (drinking a lot of tursko kafe).

Since I returned to the States, I've stumbled into a simpler way of following Jesus, a way that leads into the flesh-and-blood, dollars-and-cents realities of making sure poor people have housing, hungry people get food, and that my kitchen table always has a few open chairs around it ready for anyone who needs some conversation and a cup of coffee (good American filter kafe).

Glasnost is a community in Skopje, proclaiming Jesus' good news both by telling the Jesus stories in worship and by getting themselves dirty meeting concrete needs in their city. They run a kindergarten for Roma kids. They missionally teach jujitsu. I know little else about the community. God is good.

Tall Skinny Kiwi posted more on Glasnost:
Observation: Running a kindergarten (a little school for little kids aged 3-5) might be a new way for new [emerging] churches to impact their community and become more sustainable at the same time. 
Last week in Macedonia, we listened to leaders from the Glasnost community in Skopje talked about their kindergarten for Romany children. They actually pay the mothers a small sum to let their children attend kindergarten rather than beg on the streets with them. By teaching the children how to read and write, they are breaking the poverty cycle. Now they are looking into primary schooling so they can continue helping the same kids.

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